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State Board explores System of Support’s impact at the local level

15 Mar
Despite the California State Board of Education’s recent focus on System of Support implementation, some State Board members have voiced concerns about whether the new approach is reaching all districts and schools with demonstrated need. The system aims to assist local educational agencies and schools by promoting partnerships, building capacity and focusing on continuous improvement rather than turning to punishment and mandates. Officials from the California Department of Education, California Collaborative for Educational Excellence and lead agencies have likewise understood...

Report: Police officers outnumber health staff in schools by wide margin

13 Mar
Silhouette of students
A new report finds that more than 400,000 K-12 students in California attend a school that has a police officer on site but not a school counselor — reflecting critical gaps in staff essential to student health and well-being. Based on analysis of newly available federal data, the report from the American Civil Liberties Union found that police officers outnumber nurses, social workers, psychologists and nurses at school sites by wide margins . Nationwide, there are 1.7 million students attending schools...

Lessons shared as spotlight shines on school disaster preparedness and recovery

12 Mar
A thorough chain of command, well-prepared emergency plans, and strong relations with both local and state emergency officials are critical for school districts to have in place before a disaster strikes. And when a disaster does strike, it is paramount to document and keep as many records as possible — despite being in a chaotic, fluid and often devastating situation. These lessons learned were shared March 6 by Sonoma County officials who led districts and school communities through the area’s...

Former CSBA Delegate Smith celebrates swearing-in with community, outlines education goals

11 Mar
Assemblymember Christy Smith’s community swearing-in on Feb. 16 was an opportunity for the former CSBA Delegate and two-term Newhall School District trustee to connect with locals and share her education agenda. Smith (D-Santa Clarita) was elected to the Assembly with 51.5 percent of the vote in November 2018’s election and she is now a member of the Assembly Committee on Education. About 150 community members turned out for the event at Oak Hills Elementary School in Valencia, which included a...

Data illustrate need for greater focus on California’s homeless students

7 Mar
school safety
In the 2016-17 school year, 4.2 percent of California’s public school students were identified as homeless, according to a new report from Education Leads Home. The state’s homeless student population that year of 262,935 marks a 4.16 percent increase from the 2012-13 school year. Researchers and advocates say the facts reinforce the need for state-level policymakers, district officials and board members to allocate additional resources toward the issue and to address root causes. Meanwhile, the Joint Committee on Legislative Audit...

Charter school transparency bill signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom

6 Mar
In a decision that validated years of CSBA advocacy on the issue of charter school transparency, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 126 (Leyva and O’Donnell) into law on March 5. The CSBA-supported legislation echoes many of the recommendations found in CSBA’s Charter School Task Force report, Uncharted Waters: Recommendations for Prioritizing Student Achievement and Effective Governance in California’s Charter Schools. SB 126 states that charter schools and entities managing charter schools will be subject to transparency, accountability and conflict...

AB 2826 changes to interdistrict transfers: What you need to know

4 Mar
students taking test
Wide-ranging changes took effect on Jan. 1, 2019, regarding the law governing the procedures for student transfers from one school district to another – known as “interdistrict transfers.” Some of the changes made by Assembly Bill 2826 simply streamline and/or clarify existing requirements, but others are new and quite significant. Below are details of some, but not all, of the major changes. Significant changes: Perhaps the most significant changes of AB 2826 are those related to the new requirement that...

Board members can make a difference in education at the state level

4 Mar
As elected representatives on matters related to public schools, it is essential that the board member perspective be reflected in major education initiatives. For this reason, CSBA encourages its members to apply for positions on the various committees that influence and craft California education policy. It’s critical that CSBA members be proactive in applying to these positions so trustees can help shape policies that impact students and which they are required to adopt in their local districts. Have you ever...

Full-day kindergarten facilities applications greatly outpace available funds

1 Mar
construction site
School district interest is overwhelming the funds available for projects through the state’s new full-day kindergarten facilities program. Seventy districts filed 261 project applications totaling $324.3 million in the first filing round ending Jan. 31, staff told State Allocation Board members at their Feb. 27 meeting. The board designated $37.5 million for first-round projects through the Office of Public School Construction program. A larger funding pot of $60 million will be in play for the second filing period of May...