Legislative update: Education bills on the Governor’s desk as session ends

After an unusually quiet final night of the first year of the 2021—22 legislative session —made possible by COVID-era limits on the number of bills and an ambitious budget that absorbed some of this year’s biggest policy proposals — the Legislature recessed for the rest […]

Governor Gavin Newsom issues executive order setting expiration dates for previous COVID-19-related executive order provisions

Since Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 on March 4, 2020, he has issued more than 60 executive orders to address pandemic-related issues. Executive orders are issued by the Governor to require action by various state agencies and to order […]

AB 1316 would make sweeping changes to charter school oversight requirements

By Kristin Lindgren The Legislature is once again contemplating charter school reform. In February 2021, Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell, Chair of the Assembly’s Education Committee, introduced Assembly Bill 1316. AB 1316 contains significant reforms aimed charter schools and, particularly, nonclassroom-based charter schools. The bill, which […]

Lawmakers announce Broadband for All Bond Act of 2022

California lawmakers, CSBA President-elect Dr. Susan Heredia and others announced March 23 a $10 billion general obligation bond that would expand public broadband infrastructure to address the digital divide and provide access to high-speed, affordable, reliable internet — targeting school districts and other institutions in […]

CSBA President participates in panel discussion on reopening schools

As the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 86, which includes $2 billion for local educational agencies that are able to offer in-person instruction for students by April 1, California School Boards Association President Suzanne Kitchens participated in a panel discussion on reopening schools. Part of […]

Legislative update: New session begins with a number of bills addressing broadband access

The California Legislature rang in the 2021–22 session in socially distanced style on Monday, Dec. 7, swearing in members and announcing priorities for the coming year. Senators and Assemblymembers wasted no time in introducing 185 new pieces of legislation for consideration when they return in […]