CSBA-sponsored bills AB 2584 and SB 1061 provide election reforms that will benefit LEAs

On Sept. 29, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed two CSBA-sponsored election reform bills, Assembly Bill 2584 (Berman, D-Menlo Park) and Senate Bill 1061 (Laird, D-Santa Cruz). AB 2584 provides needed reforms to the recall process for local elected officials, and SB 1061 ensures that voters are […]

SB 1061 heads to Governor’s desk and AB 2584 moves through Senate, signaling potential election reform victories for schools

Two CSBA-sponsored bills that would enact important electoral reforms are on the verge of becoming law. Together, the bills increase transparency for voters, cut costs for local school board elections and prevent school funding from being diverted for election administration. Senate Bill 1061 (Laird, D-Santa […]