Identification of homeless youth is vital as housing instability increases

About 2,600 students experienced housing instability in San Mateo County — one of the wealthiest counties in California — between 2016 and 2019. As  rates of homelessness increase as a result of the pandemic, local educational agencies must improve identification efforts to ensure students receive […]

Youth impacted by COVID can benefit from comprehensive systems of care

On June 16, 2020, $14.3 million in ACEs Aware grants was awarded to 100 organizations across California to augment the work of the state’s ACEs Aware initiative. A Dec. 9, 2020 report, Roadmap for Resilience: The California Surgeon General’s Report on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic […]

School staff report wanting to leave profession, citing violence from students and parents

Nearly half of teachers and a third of administrators said they are planning or want to quit or transfer jobs due to concerns about school climate and safety, according to a recent report from the American Psychological Association’s task force on violence against educators and […]

CSBA examines UTK implementation considerations, insights in new policy brief and webinar

With local educational agencies preparing to create or expand transitional kindergarten offerings in the coming years, CSBA has developed a variety of resources to support these efforts. A new research and policy brief, “Advancing Universal Transitional Kindergarten — Questions for School Board Members,” a corresponding […]

Studies examine effects of California’s push for computer science education

New studies of computer science education at California high schools found that a greater emphasis on computer science education did not produce the anticipated spillover effects, neither improving or harming students’ math or English language arts skills, according to school-level test scores. However, one trade-off […]

Education workforce housing can reduce teacher shortages, suggests new report

Many of California’s public school teachers cannot afford to live in the communities where they work, forcing them to commute long distances or pushing them out of the education system altogether. As districts attempt to recruit and retain teachers amid skyrocketing housing costs, some local […]

Federal office finds high-need schools require more disaster recovery support

School districts that serve more students of color, economically disadvantaged youth and other vulnerable groups are more likely to have relied on emergency aid to recover from natural disasters like floods, fires and storms, according to new research from the federal Government Accountability Office. Of […]

Creative solutions and state and federal supports needed to solve teacher shortages

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, schools are struggling to fill teaching positions — and not only due to exposure to the virus. A new report by the Learning Policy Institute, Teacher Shortages During the Pandemic: How California Districts Are Responding, shares the results of […]