One district’s efforts to improve mental well-being of all staff

Recognizing the importance of addressing employee mental well-being, Chula Vista Elementary School District is moving to improve teacher and staff services on campus for its 3,000 staff comprising teachers, administrators, bus drivers, custodians and more. Through a new partnership with Campus Clinic — a preventative […]

California teachers make more than national average, less than living rate, review finds

California has the third highest average salary for teachers and the fourth highest average starting salary for teachers in the country, according to the National Education Association’s (NEA) “The State of Educator Pay in America” 2023 review, published in late April. The average teacher salary […]

2020–21 teacher supply report shows decrease in issued credentials

At its April 19-21 meeting, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved sending the annual report on the number of teachers who received credentials, certificates, permits, and waivers to teach in California public schools to Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature. Teacher Supply in California, […]

Lessons learned from a Los Angeles teacher residency program

Working intentionally to recruit and create pathways into teaching, encouraging strong mentors and mentor–mentee relationships, offering new teachers a community of peers, and having adequate and focused program staff capacity are some elements of a successful residency program, according to Partnership for Los Angeles Schools’ […]

Math teachers need guidance to better support and instruct youth

California is poised this year to adopt a new statewide math framework that will drive curriculum decisions and pedagogical approaches for years to come. This provides ample opportunity for education leaders to better support educators in offering standards-aligned instruction, according to a new Rand Corporation […]

How parents, teachers and LEAs can help students read by third grade

Almost 60 percent of children in California don’t meet state standards for reading by third grade. A recent EdSource webinar “Reading by third grade: What parents and teachers can do” provided parents and educators who are on the front lines of the “literacy crisis” an opportunity […]

CSBA webinar explores the basics of trauma-informed education

Trauma is a complex subject and the events or conditions that cause it or how it will manifest itself vary by individual.   During CSBA’s Feb. 21 webinar “Trauma-Informed Education: What governance teams need to know,” attendees learned about principles and strategies of equity-centered, trauma-informed education […]

Cultivating recruitment, retention and school climate to increase teacher diversity

Research demonstrates the cyclical relationship between school climate and teacher recruitment and retention. A positive climate can improve a school’s ability to recruit and retain qualified, diverse educators, while having these educators can improve school climate. That’s why it’s so critical that local educational agencies […]

Fresno County teacher residency programs show success in retaining educators

As schools grapple with teacher shortages exacerbated by poor retention rates, the Golden Bell award-winning Fresno Rural Teacher Residency Program can act as an example of what works when it comes to training and retaining educators in often difficult-to-staff areas. Under the Office of the […]