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Celebrating the impact of music in California schools

13 Mar
For more than 30 years, March has been officially designated by the National Association for Music Education for the observance of Music in Our Schools Month, a time of year to raise awareness of music education and the value it adds to student learning. A growing body of research shows the benefits of music — and other arts — education to overall student achievement in schools. For example, a 2012 study by the College Board found that, of the students...

Brief outlines severe impacts of immigration enforcement on students and schools

3 Mar
school safety
Current U.S. immigration enforcement policies have thrust many students “into the center of an excruciatingly difficult situation” and severely impacted schools’ efforts to offer an equitable education to all students, according to a new brief from Harvard University’s Immigration Initiative. “Under Siege: The Disturbing Impact of Immigration Enforcement on the Nation’s Schools” concludes that immigration enforcement is presenting major challenges for students, teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and communities. The brief reviewed representative nationwide survey results from more than 3,600 educators...

Improving social-emotional learning across the spectrum

5 Nov
Kids together
The Partnership for Children & Youth, a nonprofit education advocacy organization, launched the Expanded Learning 360°/365 initiative in 2015 to create a platform for school districts and their expanded learning networks — after-school and summer programs — to work together to improve students’ social-emotional learning. Numerous studies show a link between a focus on social-emotional learning and improved academic success for students. Through the 360°/365 initiative, seven districts across California — Los Angeles Unified School District, Oakland USD, Sacramento City...