Monthly Archives: December 2019

Ransomware Is crippling schools. What can they do about it?

3 Dec
By Sam Bocetta A few decades ago, when computers were still novelty gadgets and the internet was not available to everyone, schools and other educational institutions had a minimal reliance on technology. Fast forward to today and the situation has dramatically changed. When before a teacher might only have a single workstation in their classroom, now the entire education process is running on networks and online systems. This has made many processes more efficient, but at the same time, every...

From the field: Helping make sure Paradise wasn’t lost

2 Dec
Amid all the chaos, loss and grief impacting their family, friends and community during and after the Camp Fire, a top priority has persisted for Paradise Unified School District board members — providing students with a place to attend school in the town they call home. “We did not want to shut down,” board member Rich Gingery Jr. recalled. “That was the talk in the beginning. And we as a board said, ‘no, we’re not going anywhere.’” One year after...