San Diego COE takes a leading role in meeting the needs of homeless youth

County offices of education play a vital role in supporting the education and well-being of the estimated 187,298 homeless students across California.  San Diego COE — one of the state’s three lead Homeless Education Technical Assistance Centers (HE TACs) — has made significant strides in […]

Common themes emerge among states’ guidance on AI in education

Digital Promise reviewed guidance documents from seven states, including California, on how to approach artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Guidance from these states — which also include North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia — “vary considerably and yet all respond to a […]

Researchers provide recommendations to harness the benefits of gentrification, mitigate the challenges

Gentrification is controversial and often associated with the displacement of low-income residents of color, cultural shifts in a neighborhood and other negative outcomes, but it can also bring new resources into communities that have experienced historic disinvestment, offering greater access to well-resourced public amenities such […]

CSBA webinar helps trustees navigate social media use following Supreme Court decision

An April 12 webinar hosted by CSBA explained how school board members can take steps to create a personal social media page where they are not speaking on behalf of their local educational agency, using the standards established by the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in O’Connor-Ratcliff v. Garnier.

State of the State addresses show common education priorities

Analysis conducted by the Education Commission of the States (ECS) and the National Governors Association of 42 State of the State addresses found six common trends in state education-related proposals regarding career technical education (CTE), funding, mental health, early education and more. Workforce development and […]

Updates on the County Board Member Services Transitional Working Group

As CSBA President Albert Gonzalez noted in his recent letter to county trustees on behalf of the Board of Directors, CSBA is fully committed to county boards and to navigating the transition from California County Boards of Education (CCBE) to CSBA County Board Member Services so […]

Financial literacy is key for students transitioning into adulthood

April is Financial Literacy Month — the perfect time to revisit Champlain College Center for Financial Literacy’s 2023 national report card on high school financial literacy. Released in December, the report details the state of financial literacy education nationwide, providing recommendations for expanding access, the […]