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Minding the DROPS: Water conservation projects teach awareness at schools

22 Jun
by Renee Cashmere As a first and second grader in the Bay Area in 1976-77, an epic drought made impressions upon me that have lasted a lifetime. Even before the more recent drought began, I remembered the conservation rules all Californian’s were required to follow back then. We flushed our toilets with a bucket of water filled from the bathtub, washed our hands in a filled bathroom sink that was changed only once a day, and had timed showers. Conservation and a...

Physical Activity Key to Fitter, Smarter Kids

1 Jun
This is the fifth in a series of blog posts by the Council for a Strong America highlighting creative partnerships between communities, boards and school districts. By Gary W. Hall, Jr., Olympian.   Today, we know that the number on the scale can be a matter of life or death. Inactivity alone is now on par with smoking in its ranking as the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. In California, an estimated 40 percent of ninth graders are considered to...