Experts tout prevention as a crucial part of bolstering school safety efforts

The first of a four-part webinar series on preventing and addressing gun violence in schools hosted by the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) on April 10 explored how schools can build foundations and utilize systems to promote school safety and prevent or […]

LEAs play an important role in preventing child trafficking and exploitation

As policymakers work to prevent child exploitation, how can schools play a role in identifying and helping vulnerable students in need of support? There are no perfect answers, according to experts, but there are myriad strategies, tips and tools educators can use — many of […]

Survey results show how students are using social media and devices

Social media use among young people has been linked to everything from mental health struggles to increased ability to find supportive communities, so it’s important that families and educators have an understanding of how students are interacting with social media. The Social Institute — which […]

Federal experts highlight dangers of young people accessing illicit substances online

Growing concerns about the effects of social media on youth mental health have expanded to stemming use of social media among young people to purchase illicit substances. Local educational agencies play a vital role in partnerships addressing this issue. A March 20 webinar hosted by […]

Lawmakers increasingly target cybersecurity threats in schools, report shows

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) unveiled its 2023 report on K-12 cybersecurity policy developments on Jan. 18, detailing the boom in state and federal education cybersecurity bills and laws that emerged last year. The comprehensive resource highlights notable policy ideas and trends, and offers […]

Report calls for national overhaul of social media ed, standards and more to support youth

A recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine calls on social media companies, Congress, the U.S. Department of Education and others to minimize the harm of social media use on adolescents’ health while maximizing its benefits. “Many of our children have grown […]

Communicating before, during and after a crisis: Expert tips for LEAs

A Jan. 23 CSBA webinar featured expert tips from local educational agency leaders on best practices for crisis communications before, during and after a safety incident. Whether handling a social media, email or other anonymous threat or the presence of a trespasser or suspicious object […]