CCEE details upcoming professional development opportunities for educators

Professional development opportunities were discussed throughout the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence’s governing board meeting on Feb. 2. Staff updated the board on the Learning Acceleration System Grant, which is meant to promote rapid improvement in student knowledge and skills following the pandemic, and related […]

CCEE microlearning modules offer support classroom management and instruction

The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) met on Sept. 29 to receive updates on a number of topics, including direct technical assistance efforts, universal preK implementation initiatives and microlearning modules for individuals providing instruction for students. Microlearning modules, brief videos led by “master teachers” […]

CCEE staff gives updates on new structure and direct technical assistance for districts

The June 16 governing board meeting of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence included updates on the agency’s three centers as well as on direct technical assistance being offered to school districts. Transformative Systems for Equitable Educational Outcomes Center This center aims to partner with […]

CCEE discusses transformative systems center and its initiatives

The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence convened on Feb. 3 to delve into the agency’s new structure with a spotlight on transformative systems. CCEE’s new organizational structures were highlighted by Executive Director Matt Navo, who was appointed to the position in summer 2021. While Navo […]

CCEE debuts new ‘field guide’ to support immediate learning needs during pandemic

In its first meeting of the year on Feb. 4, the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence reviewed the organization’s 2020–21 goals, provided an update on the System of Support and debuted a new website designed to provide assistance directly to educators and administrators in key […]

CCEE outlines goals, emphasizing how to address the current needs of teachers

Teachers, much like everyone else involved in the public education system, are actively seeking answers on how to best deliver engaging, high-quality lessons to students through virtual learning models. And more than ever before, they are turning to the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence for […]

Dashboard updates stir strong State Board debate; coronavirus impacts discussed

A regular annual update to the State Board of Education at its March 11–12 meeting about the California School Dashboard raised serious questions and concerns from board members about several proposals. While only an information item, the board informed California Department of Education staff that […]