CCEE meeting highlights Statewide System of Support Resource Hub, other tools

During the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence’s first board meeting of the year on Feb. 29, staff presented the Statewide System of Support Resource Hub, which provides information on state-funded initiatives meant to boost student outcomes and support educators, and other tools available to local educational agencies.

A product of the CCEE’s Transformative Systems for Equitable Educational Outcomes Center (TSEE), the hub includes more than 130 statewide projects, grants and initiatives, and houses related webinars, toolkits, learning modules, reference guides, self-assessment frameworks and more.

Users can search by initiative, student group, state performance indicators, resource type and additional criteria to find materials that meet their needs. The hub will continue to be updated.

The Statewide System of Support (SSOS), which CCEE works to grow and strengthen, is intended to connect LEAs to a network of lead agencies (typically located within select county offices of education) that share expertise, program knowledge and resources with educators and so they can identify solutions to local issues.

Other TSEE tools discussed were the recently released Levers for System Change: LEA Self-Assessment website to evaluate an LEA’s infrastructure and the Statewide System of Support Directory that features contact information for all state-funded education initiatives.

Senior Advisor of System of Support Mindy Fattig explained how the trio of products complement each other.

“With the LEA Levers tool you can assess your assets that are working well and your areas and opportunities for growth and then you can use that for you LCAP goals. When we talk about ‘who can I find to get help?’ That’s the directory. ‘Now what resources do I have I can actually implement from those needs?’ That’s the resources hub,” Fattig said.

Engagement efforts

Updates on the TSEE’s Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) were also covered. CEI launched in 2019 as a component of the SSOS with a goal of “building the capacity of communities and school districts to authentically engage each other for the purpose of improving outcomes for all students, particularly English learners, low-income students, foster youth and students from other underserved student groups,” according to its website.

Since then, CEI has produced the Elevating Community Engagement: A Comprehensive Resource Guide to assist LEAs in improving their community engagement practices and learning modules on meaningful student, family and community engagement.

Applications for CEI’s next cohort of partners (Cohort V) are being accepted through March 15 at 5 p.m. Members of LEAs with established engagement process and those looking to develop engagement programming are invited to participate. View the request for application flyer here.

In other CCEE news, board members reelected Cynthia Glover Woods to serve as chair in 2024 and Tim Sbranti as vice chair.

A recording of the meeting will be available to view here. The board is scheduled to convene next on June 6.