UC makes strides supporting Native American students; slow to progress in returning cultural artifacts

Beginning this fall, the University of California system is waiving tuition and fees for Native American students who are state residents and members of federally recognized tribes. The UC Native American Opportunity Plan aims to “advance critical efforts to expand student diversity and make the […]

California’s Yurok tribe is revitalizing language in and out of the classroom 

More than 150 years of targeted eradication of Native Americans in the U.S. and suppression of their languages and culture through federal boarding schools and other means forced many young people to abandon their ancestral ties. Spanning parts of Del Norte and Humboldt counties, the […]

Humboldt COE launches new network, providing rural families with high-speed internet

A new high-speed digital internet system was launched Oct. 4 in Fairhaven as part of a statewide effort to reduce California’s digital divide — especially in rural areas where broadband access has long been unavailable. The network in Fairhaven, located about 2 miles southwest of […]

Report details how one county’s juvenile justice program effectively engages students

Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Road to Success Academies (RTSA), a comprehensive educational model for juvenile court schools that serve young people detained for extended periods of time, is successfully reigniting student engagement, according to a new study. Centering Care and Engagement: Understanding Implementation […]

Forty-year-old program continues boosting college-going rates

National Hispanic Heritage Month presents an opportunity for local educational agencies to evaluate how they engage Hispanic and Latino students and families and, as a result, improve graduation rates and college enrollment Since its inception at Chabot Community College in Hayward, California, in 1981, the […]

How equity walks can be leveraged by boards to further success for all students

By Nicole Anderson As governance teams lead for equity through continuous improvement to close equity gaps, it is critical they become data savvy through a process of embracing and monitoring both quantitative (test scores, grades, etc.) and qualitative (equity walks, surveys, etc.) data to inform, […]

Panel discusses resources needed for state’s math framework

“A well-written framework is but one component to raising math achievement,” said EdSource editor-at-large John Fensterwald during July 28 webinar by the organization on California’s math framework. Good teachers who foster positive mindsets, well-written materials that engage all learners and equal access to courses that […]

GAO reports detail array of issues related to COVID, segregation, restraint and seclusion

In a series of audits and letters published in recent weeks, the Government Accountability Office has called attention to concerns over the impacts of COVID-related learning loss and trauma, restraint and seclusion rates, and persistent segregation in schools along racial, ethnic and socioeconomic lines. The […]

Significant inroads made in addressing the digital divide, but progress is slowing

Gaps remain in broadband access among Californians, but the latest data show local, state and federal efforts to bridge the digital divide have made significant progress since the onset of the pandemic — especially among students. Two new fact sheets from the Public Policy Institute […]