Biden signs executive order with protections for LGBTQ young people

In honor of Pride Month, President Joe Biden on June 15 signed an executive order advancing equality for members of the LGBTQ community, including many protections for young people. Aspects of the executive order include addressing discriminatory legislative attacks against LGBTQ children and families by […]

Schools must consider student identities in addressing mental health challenges

With local educational agencies working to address youth mental health challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, it is important that officials understand the role students’ identities play in their school experiences and mental well-being. During a June 9 panel discussion hosted by the California Department of […]

Addressing the needs of students living in deep poverty

With more than 5 million children living in deep poverty across America, the Learning Policy Institute’s recent report “Building School Communities for Students Living in Deep Poverty” highlights three strategies to help schools address these students’ learning and social-emotional needs. The federal government establishes poverty […]

After-school provider survey shows strong growth in programs from last year

The Afterschool Alliance released its Summer 2022 Outlook From Program Providers this month, which gives a glimpse of summer program trends and challenges. Part of its Afterschool in the Time of COVID-19 series, which has periodically checked in with providers throughout the pandemic, this seventh […]

Community schools can improve relationships and reduce achievement gaps, research shows

The U.S. Department of Education and the Learning Policy Institute on May 26 hosted a webinar, “Community Schools: An Evidence-based Whole Child Approach to Education,” with practitioners and researchers taking an in-depth look at how community schools can transform student learning and outcomes. Department of […]

U.S. Department of Education encouraging more pathways to success for high schoolers

Helping high school students earn college credits, receive personalized career and college counseling, engage in work-based learning and achieve industry credentials is of growing interest to education leaders as well as employers. A June 1 webinar, “Growing Pathways to Success: Reimagining Career & College Opportunities,” […]

Healthy Kids survey highlights particular struggles of transgender youth

Research shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning or queer (LGBTQ) youth are at high risk for bullying and violence victimization, poor mental health, alcohol and other drug use, and poor academic performance. A 2019 report “Understanding the Experiences of LGBTQ Students in California” […]