New CSBA-supported legislation will address infrastructure needed to close the digital divide

With the 2020–21 school year right around the corner and a state order mandating that about 90 percent of students begin the academic year solely with distance learning, there is an immediate need to close California’s digital divide. To do so, 700,000 students will need […]

CCEE webinar offers distance learning needs, strategies for small districts

Weighing the digital divide and its particular challenges in rural areas lacking needed infrastructure, experts say a blend of analog and digital learning opportunities is one practical solution to engage students as the school year ends and summer offerings begin. Also strongly encouraged during a […]

New report projects significant learning loss due to COVID-19 school closures

With the nation’s unprecedented measures to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, school systems made an abrupt transition from classroom instruction to distance learning. In some cases, districts paused learning altogether while they scrambled to address logistical issues such as the digital divide and […]

Legislators, district administrators outline needs, goals to close the digital divide

Just hours after Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 April 20 media briefing overwhelmingly focused on efforts to bridge the digital divide, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond welcomed legislators and representatives from internet service providers to the first meeting of the newly created Closing the […]

Senators’ letter to Congress highlights need for dedicated funding for digital access in student homes

The sudden and extended closures of America’s schools have brought into the spotlight a persistent problem well known to education advocates: unequal access to both internet access and devices in student homes. Across the country, 12 million students do not have internet access at home. […]

Board members share what they’ve learned in final meeting of CSBA Equity Network

Closing persistent opportunity gaps requires a commitment to educational equity. In summer 2018, CSBA launched an Equity Network with a grant from the Stuart Foundation, providing extensive support and professional development to board members across California on concepts related to educational equity. Topics addressed included […]

New guidance offers approaches to improve alternative schools and programs

Alternative schools typically have lower graduation rates than traditional campuses, are often expensive and challenging to operate, and rank lower on accountability measures than more conventional schools. However, researchers find that shifts in district and county office of education practices and policies can contribute to […]

Teachers need support as expectations on educators grow, study finds

Policymakers aiming to address an array of stubborn challenges in K-12 education can begin with improving teacher training and preparation; ensuring the equitable distribution of highly qualified, experienced teachers; and taking steps to diversify the educator workforce, according to new research. A new report from […]