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Happy To Be Here With Twenty-Five Hundred School Board Members

17 Dec
by Jill Wynns, Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education CSBA 2012 President Downtown San Francisco, my home, is filled with school board members from all over California this week. I am always so impressed by how hard school board members work to ensure that our students get the best education that they can. I share my righteous outrage that the state does not provide enough funding for schools with all of you who are here for the CSBA Annual Education...

Investing in Our Youth

14 Dec
by San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee If we want our families to stay and grow in San Francisco, and if we want employers to stay and grow here, we must strive for the best public schools, anywhere. I say the best public schools “anywhere” because we’re not just competing with other cities in California.  For the jobs of the future, our students will have to compete with the rest of the world. But to all those parents and aspiring...

New Research Suggests Common Strategies to Align Expanded Learning

12 Dec
by Jessica Gunderson, Policy Director, Partnership for Children & Youth Did you know that your students who regularly and fully participate in state-funded or federally-funded expanded learning time – afterschool, intersession, and/or summer – programs can gain up to an additional 90 full-days of learning or more? Today, thanks to shifting educational priorities and policies, school district leaders in California have a critical and unique opportunity to maximize their investment in expanded learning time* to better support local goals for...

Reforms need time and leadership, and the board has the power to sustain both

5 Dec
California School Boards Association logo;
by Christopher Maricle, Policy & Programs Officer A recent education week article reports that the average tenure of superintendents across the country has dropped slightly to an average of 3.2 years for large urban districts. Is this a trend that we should be concerned about? There are three separate but related facts that would suggest the answer might be ‘yes.’ Or at least ‘maybe.’ Fact # 1: While everyone would like quick fixes for K-12 education, and as much as...

Making the Most of Summer Time

2 Dec
Summer Matters at the state Capitol 2013
by Jennifer Peck, Executive Director, Partnership for Children & Youth Districts are working hard to meet the demands of multiple initiatives and new expectations … with the valid lament – “There’s not enough time to get all this done!”  But Summer TIME offers a solution. Districts across the state are finding that 4 to 6 weeks of quality summer learning programs provide enough time for multiple wins – 1) keeping students up to speed on math and ELA, and getting...