Negotiations begin for Fiscal Year 2020 federal education funding bill

On Monday, the House Appropriation Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and other Related Agencies (Labor H) Subcommittee released the text of a $189.8 billion bill to fund the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education.

Appropriators are assuming a total of $631 billion in non-defense spending as they markup fiscal 2020 spending bills this spring. The bill that funds Labor H typically receives the biggest portion, representing the largest spending bill for domestic programs.

As proposed, the bill provides a total of $75.9 billion in discretionary appropriations for the U.S. Department of Education, which is $4.4 billion above the 2019 enacted level and $11.9 billion above the President’s budget request.

The House Appropriation Subcommittee was scheduled to mark up the bill on Tuesday afternoon.  It will then go to the full committee for approval.

This is just the beginning of the federal budget process.  The Senate has yet to commence its hearing schedule.  One thing to keep in mind is that the topline budget numbers are likely to change as the House leadership begins negotiations with the Senate.  The 2019 fiscal year ends on September 30th.

Below is a chart that compares the proposed FY20 Labor H bill to FY19 enacted levels and the President’s FY20 budget request.

Fiscal Year 2020 Education Funding Comparison Table

Program FY19 Enacted President’s Budget Request FY20 House Labor/HHS Bill FY20 House Labor/HHS Bill Compared to FY19 Enacted
ESSA, Title I $15.86 billion $15.86 billion $16.86 billion +$1 billion
IDEA State Grants $12.36 billion $12.36 billion $13.4 billion +$1 billion
IDEA Preschool Grants (619) $391.12 million $391.12 million TBD TBD
IDEA Grants for Infants and Families (Part C) $470 million $470 million TBD TBD
Child Care and Development Block Grants $5.28 billion $5.28 billion $7.68 billion +$2.4 billion
Head Start $10.06 billion $10.06 billion $11.56 billion +$1.5 billion
Preschool Development Grants $250 million Eliminated $350 million +$100 million
Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grants $190 million Eliminated TBD TBD
ESSA, Title II-A $2.06 billion Eliminated $2.6 billion +$500 million
ESSA, Title IV-A $1.17 billion Eliminated $1.32 billion +$150 million
21st Century Community Learning Centers $1.22 billion Eliminated $1.32 billion +$100 million
State Assessments $378 million $369.1 million $378 million Level funding