California must reform charter schools. Here’s how

By CSBA President Dr. Emma Turner

In education circles in California and nationally, the fundamental question is this: How do we ensure all public schools are high quality?

In Sacramento, much of the debate focuses on charter schools, as the Legislature considers several related bills related to them.

What’s too often lost in the discussion is the fate of California’s 6.2 million public school students.

For too long, public schools have underserved segments of our student population. The shortcomings of the public school system have created a void, one which others have tried to fill.

The results have been decidedly mixed. But the mere existence of charters highlights the desire for strong schools that capably serve and provide equitable access to a diverse student population.

California has more charter schools than any state in the union. Yet our haphazard charter laws force school boards to grapple with loopholes and unintended consequences, too often creating havoc in our state.

Can charter schools be part of this solution? Absolutely. But that solution should be strategic and consider the health of the entire public education system…

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