Gov. Newsom plan proposes to open all schools by “early spring 2021”

On the morning of Dec. 30, Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled a plan to incentivize the reopening of California public schools. During a 10 a.m. virtual press conference, Gov. Newsom outlined his administration’s “Safe Schools for All” plan, which contains a variety of funding and technical […]

Education relief receives $82 billion in COVID-19 stimulus package

Late on Dec. 21, Congressional leaders passed a roughly $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package, with $54.3 billion dedicated to public K-12 schools. $82 billion in education relief funds While substantially less than the funding requested by education stakeholders or the amount proposed by either version […]

Student board members shine a light on equity at the 2020 AEC

Distinguishing the difference between equity and equality can be a source of confusion — even for many long-time board members — but, as they so often do, today’s student leaders demonstrated an astute understanding of the concept during CSBA’s first virtual Annual Education Conference. “Equity […]

Sacramento COE outlines extensive efforts to support student mental health

The California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission released a report in November urging Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature to expand and strengthen school-based partnerships that serve children and their families — including those too young to yet enroll in school — to better […]

Ninth Circuit reinstates bar on revised public charge rule for California and several other states

On Dec. 2, 2020, in a victory for immigrant families, as well as for state and local governments and school districts, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in a combined appeal reinstated the lower court orders barring the Department of Homeland […]

Butte County Office of Education makes inroads on diverse teacher pipelines

The Butte County Office of Education has a long history of managing and implementing teacher pipeline programs that support rural and underserved populations, particularly migrant students. Since 1967, Butte COE has managed the statewide Mini Corps program, which brings together college students with rural migrant […]

New CSBA partner provides around-the-clock crisis communication services

CSBA has partnered with the Donovan Group to offer around-the-clock urgent and crisis communication services to public schools and districts across the state. Through this service, school leaders and board members gain access to school communication experts to help them quickly respond to difficult situations […]

Closing the digital divide will require significant policy overhaul

Since schools closed last spring to slow the spread of the coronavirus, districts and county offices of education throughout California have stepped up and gotten creative to ensure students without access to devices or internet connectivity had what they needed to learn in an online […]

Appellate court finds plaintiff may still recover for violation of public bidding requirements after completion of the school construction contract

On Nov. 24, 2020, a California appellate court held in Davis v. Fresno Unified School District that the plaintiff’s claim that a contract for school construction violated public bidding requirements was not moot after construction was completed, because the plaintiff could still recover by having […]