Why is Board Member Action Day important?

by Dennis Meyers, assistant executive director, Governmental Relations

Board Member Action Day takes place on May 10. On this one day, board leaders from across the state will meet with their Assembly and Senate representatives in their local district offices to discuss key legislation and the value of Governance First, CSBA’s legislative agenda. This is your opportunity to convey the importance of local school governance and information that will help statewide lawmakers render policy decisions that support the interests of public education.

Once you register, CSBA will schedule the meetings for you and other board members from your area. CSBA will also prepare you for these meetings with a one-hour pre-event webcast on Friday, May 3, and provide background information, talking points and handouts for the May 10 meetings.

Here are the top three reasons why it is important for you and your governance team to take part:

  1. Real life stories about your students, programs and the impact of potential legislation have more value than generic messages in the persuasion game with lawmakers. And, no one knows your district better than you do. Board Member Action Day is your chance to share stories and information that your state representatives need in order to make effective statewide policy decisions. Learn more from CSBA members who took part last year.
  2. Face-to-face meetings are more powerful than letters and emails. Not only are you a constituent, you also are an elected official who represents the same constituents as your legislators. That carries weight in the legislative world! Board Member Action Day is your collective opportunity to influence statewide policymaking.
  3. Advocacy is all about relationships. You can use Board Member Action Day to establish and further your personal relationships with legislators. CSBA’s information will guide you on what to talk about, which can help establish you and your district as a resource for the lawmaker and his/her staff in the future.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to serve your district’s interests and fulfill your advocacy role as a governing team member. Register today at csba.org.


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