Refocused policy document will guide CSBA’s work

CSBA’s Policy Platform Review Committee is hard at work reorganizing the organization’s key policy framework for consideration by the Delegate Assembly in May.

For years, the process of updating the eight primary policy areas, with its dozens of supporting statements, during the Delegate Assembly meeting every two years had proved cumbersome and time-consuming. While the Platform’s purpose in guiding the association’s policy and political leadership activities is essential, the process needed revision.

In November, the review committee proposed a way to reorganize the document to align with the four policy areas emphasized in CSBA’s work:

  1. Strengthening Local Governance
  2. Fighting for Fair Funding
  3. Addressing the Conditions of Children
  4. Closing Achievement Gaps

The Delegate Assembly approved a reorganization in principle, which the platform review committee accomplished in draft form this spring, placing each original policy statement under one of the four new policy pillars. The proposed Policy Platform will be presented to the Delegate Assembly to discuss in breakout sessions May 18.

PolicyPlatformComte_1Policy Platform Review Committee members work on the proposed document to be considered by the Delegate Assembly. Pictured from left are Dana Tom, Director, Region 20 (Palo Alto USD); Juliana Feriani, Delegate, Region 8 (Tuolumne COE); Teresa Stanley, Delegate, Region 6 (Folsom-Cordova USD); Josephine Lucey, President-Elect (Cupertino Union SD); Committee Chair Jill Wynns, Immediate Past President (San Francisco USD); and Bill H. Farris, Delegate, Region 12 (Sierra Sands USD). Committee members not pictured are Darryl Adams, Delegate, Region 24 (Norwalk-La Mirada USD); Donna Martin, Delegate, Region 12 (Visalia USD); and Betsy Sandoval, Delegate, Region 10 (Clovis USD).

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