Supporting foster youth during Foster Care Month

May is Foster Care Month, a 31-day reminder that foster youth need support 365 days of the year. In California, 82 percent of school districts and county offices of education serve students in foster care. In 2016, the California School Boards Association and the Stuart Foundation joined forces to ensure that foster youth are no longer invisible and, instead, receive the support they need. This partnership led to the production of the following videos. Take a look and learn more about how you can help the foster youth in your schools.

Ask yourself if you know who the foster youth in your schools are as you watch this video.

Action for Foster Youth: Not Invisible

School board members can play an important role in the lives of students in foster care. Check out the advocacy efforts outlined in this video.

Action for Foster Youth: What Boards Can Do

The last video in our Action for Foster Youth series explores one example of how a school district is using partnership to have a greater impact on the foster youth they serve.

Action for Foster Youth: Not Alone

Looking for more resources? Visit CSBA’s Foster Youth webpage.