CSBA President Marks named Elected Woman of the Year

CSBA President Cindy Marks has been named Elected Woman of the Year by California Women Lead, a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of women holding – or interested in holding – elected or appointed office. She was among five elected or appointed women honored by the organization in Sacramento on Aug. 21, and she’s the fourth CSBA president to also serve on the board of directors of California Women Lead.

Rachel Michelin, the organization’s executive director, noted Marks’ enthusiasm for mentoring women and helping them become civically engaged. State Assembly Member Kristin Olsen, who represents Modesto, noted that it was Marks’ visit to her high school class that inspired her to get politically engaged.

Teri Burns, current president of California Women Lead—as well as a school board member and a senior director in CSBA’s Policy and Programs department—joined Michelin and Olsen in presenting the award to Marks.

“She is great about lending a hand to any of our efforts,” said Burns. “She brought fresh eyes to problems and a good nature to help solve them. She is a role model, mentor and leader.”

Marks has served on the Modesto City School District Board of Education in Stanislaus County since 1997.

California Women Lead’s mission is to give women the tools they need to be successful in both their political and professional lives. The organization began in 1974 as the California Elected Women’s Association for Education and Research, or CEWAER, and changed its name in 2007 to better reflect its purpose.

Cindy Marks
California Women Lead members (from left) Rachel Michelin, Teri Burns, and Kristin Olsen honor Cindy Marks as Elected Woman of the Year.

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