CSBA charter school guidebook update available as an e-book

Charter schools are an important and significant part of today’s education landscape. More than 1,300 charter schools (including seven all-charter districts) serve nearly 630,000 students statewide — approximately 11 percent of all K-12 students in California. Governance teams have certain legal rights, responsibilities and obligations to consider when evaluating a charter petition.

That’s why CSBA is providing an update to Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance Teams, a guidebook made specifically for board members and superintendents serving as charter school authorizers in California. This update is available in a convenient e-book format in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Since this guidebook was last published in 2016, significant changes to the state’s school funding, accountability and assessment systems have impacted all public schools, including charter schools. Charter schools are adapting to host of new academic content standards and accountability requirements, and charters, districts and county offices of education are all being affected by the implementation of 2019’s Assembly Bill 1505, effective as of July 1, 2020. These and many other updates are changing the way in which charter schools operate and how governance teams fulfill their responsibilities as they relate to educating all students.

The new edition includes an overview of California’s charter school laws and funding, and provides guidance about the petition review process, facilities and oversight responsibilities. It also includes updated content related to the renewal process, revocation of charters, revocation appeals and charter school closures. In addition, the guidebook provides governance team members information about CSBA’s charter school policies, and a summary of key state legislation and legal cases.

CSBA is committed to supporting the role of governance teams in maintaining accountability and improving the quality of education in California schools. This guidebook represents part of that commitment, and we hope that new and veteran board members alike will find it a practical and informative resource.

Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance Teams is a powerful resource for CSBA members to execute their governance and charter school oversight responsibilities in a productive manner.

Visit the Amazon Kindle Store to purchase your copy today!