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Protecting existing school funding while fighting for Full and Fair Funding

19 Dec
By Mike Ambrose Full and Fair Funding is crucial for student success, and research continues to demonstrate that increasing funding to education makes an important and lasting impact on students, particularly for students in high-need and low-income schools. Nonetheless, despite boasting the fifth-largest economy in the world and the highest gross domestic product of any state, California sits near the bottom nationally in nearly every significant measure of school funding and school staffing. Even with improvements to funding levels in...

Commentary: Education, protests & freedom of speech are the ties that bind our republic

17 Dec
By Vernon Billy Students are the future torchbearers of liberty I hope I got your attention… By the time you read this, the November 2018 election will be history and the outcomes of Election Day will have been debated and analyzed by every political pundit and pollster. This analysis, such as it were, is welcomed by political junkies and policy wonks across the political spectrum. But underneath all this analysis (or noise) is the fact that Election Day reflects several...

Bolstering your district’s LCAP stakeholder engagement might not involve the term ‘LCAP’

14 Dec
When it comes to promoting meaningful community and student engagement and input, schools and districts might want to consider a jolting principle: Why even use the acronym “LCAP” when initially communicating with the audience? Do they know what it is and will using the term result in a quality two-way education tool representing a diverse stakeholder group? A recent California Collaborative for Educational Excellence-hosted webinar posed such questions and offered tips on communicating to engage rather than to simply inform...

Commentary: A commitment to equitable outcomes for all students

12 Dec
students taking test
By Dr. Shawnterra Moore As a young African-American girl being raised by a single parent, I had no true understanding of the statistics that forecasted my future. My mother was single, not by choice; my father was gunned down a few months before I was born, but she was an educated woman who emphasized the importance of education. I was very successful academically; however, the harsh realities of the world in which we lived hit me upon entrance to college....

CCEE outlines structure, timeline for Community Engagement Initiative networks

10 Dec
Kids together
After announcing lead partners and launching the program in November, the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence outlined the next steps for its Community Engagement Initiative at its Dec. 6 board meeting. The effort will include a series of multi-year professional learning networks that build district and community collaboration, with a focus on student outcomes. Josh Daniels, CCEE director heading the initiative, said in his presentation (PDF file available here) that the timeline calls for an initial professional learning network to...

New faces and new bills as 2019-20 legislative session begins

5 Dec
At Monday’s kickoff to the 2019-20 legislative session, both the Senate and Assembly held their respective organizational sessions to seat newly-elected members. Eight seats in the Assembly change hands for 2019-20, as do nine seats in the Senate. On Monday, the desk was also opened for 2019-20 bill introductions, with 198 bills submitted thus far. Following the organizational sessions, the Legislature stands in recess until January. Click here to download an Excel table from the California Department of Education on...

Time for the State to Step Up on Facilities Funding

27 Nov
public school building
-By Mike Walsh When we talk about Full and Fair Funding for California’s public schools, we often look at the big picture — per-pupil funding levels. That’s natural, since California ranks just 41st nationally in the funding it provides the state’s public school students. This hinders districts and county offices of education in our quest to provide all students with a high-quality education and prepare every graduate for success in college, career and civic life. Yet, while California’s dismal per-pupil...

November 6, 2018, Election Summary and Recap

7 Nov
i voted sticker
Governor Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom was proclaimed California’s Governor-elect shortly after the 8 p.m. poll closures Tuesday night, with Newsom’s lead continuing to widen throughout the evening; the current semi-official results show Newsom as having claimed 59.4 percent of the vote as of this writing. Democrat Eleni Kounalakis will become the new Lt. Governor after holding off former State Senator and fellow Democrat Ed Hernandez (D-Azusa). View Gavin Newsom’s response to CSBA’s questionnaire. Superintendent of Public Instruction Following a campaign...

E-cigarette use on the rise in school settings

7 Nov
On the heels of news that 2 million middle and high school students nationwide used e-cigarettes in 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced a crackdown on the sale and marketing of the devices to kids. Public health officials say e-cigarette use among youths has hit epidemic proportions, and schools are a prevalent setting for the devices. One brand, Juul Labs, presents a major challenge for teachers and administrators because one of its most popular products resembles a...

Voter awareness comes to high schools ahead of fall elections

19 Sep
To encourage civic participation and increase awareness of voter eligibility, the last two weeks of September are designated High School Voter Education Weeks in California. Required under California Education Code, the campaign stresses voter education and civic participation on campus as part of a long-term goal of creating lifelong voters and engaged citizens Presently, just 53 percent of Californians ages 18–34 are registered to vote. Even then, only one in four of that demographic actually votes. And according to the...