Summer Matters at CSBA

by Katie Brackenridge

Summer learning programs are popping up all over the state. School board members and superintendents are replacing traditional summer school programming with a more interactive and engaging approach called summer learning. Using a combination of funding streams, including Local Control Funding, these school leaders are finding that the benefits – in student engagement, Common Core preparation and staff development – far outweigh the costs. A recent analysis of 50 Local Control Accountability Plans found that 76 percent of districts are investing in summer programming and that a majority of these districts chose a summer learning, not summer school, approach.

To learn more, watch our video – Summer Learning: an inspiring alternative to summer school.
Summer Learning: an inspiring alternative to summer school
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KatieKatie Brackenridge directs the Expanded Learning Initiatives for Partnerships for Children and Youth. She also supports PCY’s work to develop and improve policies that make expanded learning time programming more accessible and effective.