Board members can make a difference in education at the state level

As elected representatives on matters related to public schools, it is essential that the board member perspective be reflected in major education initiatives. For this reason, CSBA encourages its members to apply for positions on the various committees that influence and craft California education policy. It’s critical that CSBA members be proactive in applying to these positions so trustees can help shape policies that impact students and which they are required to adopt in their local districts.

Have you ever considered service beyond your local school board? Did you know that you could be appointed by the state to a board or commission at the local or state level? As a school board member, your experience is invaluable to policy makers and makes you a potential asset to your fellow Californians.

At CSBA, we encourage our members to become more involved at the state level by applying for an appointment to a board, committee or commission. The application processes may vary for each board and committee, but all positions will be publicly available on departments’ websites, and on the website of the Governor and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The following information helps you navigate the appointment process:

How to apply for an appointment by the Governor:

How to apply for an appointment by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

  • Visit, where you will find the application for appointment, a list of vacancies and a list of organizations represented by the California Department of Education.
  • To begin the application process, visit Here you will find all the application instructions.

How to apply for appointment to committees with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing:

While the Governor appoints members to the full CTC, there are two committees at the CTC which appoint members of the public: The Committee of Credentials and the Committee of Accreditation. The Committee of Credentials is responsible for initiating all investigations into allegations of misconduct by credential holders and applicants and monitoring the moral fitness and professional conduct of credential applicants and holders.

The Committee on Accreditation is charged with deciding on the continuing accreditation of educator preparation institutions and programs, approving initial accreditation of eligible institutions and comparing California standards of educator preparation. Each January, nominees are accepted following an application process, including the completion of a nomination form. Appointments are made in April.