Recognizing world-class teachers today for California Day of the Teacher

Today, May 10, is the California Day of the Teacher, an annual celebration that takes place on every second Wednesday of May to applaud the instructors who enrich the lives of California’s 6.2 million public school students. According to the California Department of Education, California’s K-12 public schools are home to almost 300,000 teachers.

“Research has shown that teachers are the most essential players in the public school system,” said CSBA President Susan Henry. “On this California Day of the Teacher, we must recognize the tireless dedication that makes California’s teachers some of the best in the world.”

The California Day of the Teacher was passed into law in 1982 from legislation co-sponsored by CSBA and a variety of other educational professional associations, including the Association of Mexican American Educators. Today’s holiday was modeled after the traditional “El Día de Los Maestros” observed in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

To understand the importance of effective teachers, one usually only needs to look to one’s own positive experiences with educators. As a California Senate resolution declared last week, “no other professional touches as many persons with such a lasting effect” and “good teaching grows in value and pays dividends far beyond the classroom.”

CSBA has collected a few recent studies and other resources that highlight how important teachers are in students’ lives and how school boards can support these educators despite the recent statewide teacher shortage:

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