New video highlights LCFF Collaborative Working Group

The Local Control Funding Formula, or LCFF, first enacted in 2013–14, marked a major shift for school districts and county boards of education. The LCFF is intended to increase equity through local control, giving school districts and county boards of education a greater ability to ensure that all of California’s 6.2 million students receive a quality education.

To make sense of the new changes, a group of school district and county office of education representatives convened by CSBA and California Forward have been meeting for the past three years to discuss their roles as education board members in the development and implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula.

Representing 15 school districts and two county offices of education from various parts of the state, the LCFF Collaborative Working Group has had many fruitful discussions about how to better LCFF implementation. The working group met quarterly to address issues and needs, review implementation strategies and craft effective solutions.

“The LCFF Collaborative Working Group has made great strides over the past few years,” said CSBA Director of Strategic Initiatives and Development David DeLuz. “The work produced by this group will benefit not just the participating districts and county offices of education, but the entire state. CSBA will use the findings from the working group to advise our members about ongoing challenges with LCFF, and to feature promising practices.”

The LCFF Collaborative Working Group held its final meeting in June 2017 at CSBA in Sacramento. The following video offers a glimpse into their work. CSBA is currently producing materials highlighting the working group’s conclusions to share with members at a future date.