Healthy Kids Make Better Learners: California Schools Are Connecting Families to Health Coverage

by Teri Burns, Sr. Director of Policy & Programs

We are less than a month away to the enrollment deadline for Covered California, our statewide health insurance marketplace, and schools across California are taking action to connect families to affordable health coverage. ALL IN For Health, a project of The Children’s Partnership, is working with education leaders to inform all eligible families about and enroll individuals in health coverage options.

Schools touch the lives of millions of families every day and easily can become an “on-ramp” to health coverage. Leading up to the Covered California February 15th deadline, many schools have already signed up to send bookmarks and flyers home with students, make robocalls to remind families about health coverage enrollment opportunities, and are hosting enrollment events. These schools are stepping up to nurture the wellness and success of students and families.

When we encourage coverage, we are also working towards the common goal of creating the next successful generation of Californians. After all, health insurance means more than physical health—it means academic and lifelong success. Studies have shown that children with health insurance do better in school; they are more likely to pay attention and keep up.

While the ALL IN For Health campaign runs all year long, it is crucial that schools join to get as many families enrolled through Covered California before the February 15 open enrollment deadline—and raise awareness the Medi-Cal enrollment is year-round. When schools unite to inform families of their options, we can create a culture of coverage and help secure the lifelong wellness of our children.

For more information and to sign-up for the ALL IN Day of Action go to:


Teri Burns is the Senior Director of Policy & Programs with the California School Boards Association.

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