CSBA announces new Student Board Member Training program

Student board members are integral to ensuring student voice is heard and included in decisions made by local governance teams that, ultimately, impact tomorrow’s leaders. But how can the youngest members of California school district and county office of education governance teams come to the dais prepared to ask informed questions and make crucial decisions on behalf of their fellow students, families and communities?

For the first time, CSBA is launching a virtual Student Board Member Training program for students seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities as school board members.

Topics include the nuances of governance, legal issues surrounding the Brown Act and meetings, California school board membership, finance, advocacy and engagement, and transition planning.  Students will have opportunities to utilize new tools and templates designed to craft motions, present viewpoints and solicit community input. This new program is designed to engage students and elevate their understanding of governance while serving as a school board member.

“The role of a school board trustee is a challenging and complex, yet rewarding experience,” said CSBA President Susan Markarian. “These student board members are our future leaders, and we must do everything we can to support them on their journeys to becoming the engaged, thoughtful and bright individuals we know they will be as they collaborate with their fellow board members and work with their communities. I am excited to see our young people learn and grow more confident in their role on the board as they participate in this new training program.”

Until now, the Student Board Member Program at CSBA’s Annual Education Conference and Tradeshow was the only statewide professional development opportunity in which student board members could expand their governance horizons. Once each year, this program provides student board members with a focus on developing their governance skills while they also become more familiar with their role as a governance team member. Through a mixture of presentations, discussions and interactive exercises, students are introduced to the principles of good governance, share ideas on best practices and build a network among their peers. This engaging training provides student board members with the resources necessary to enhance their role on your governance team.

Over several years, participation in the AEC student board member program consistently reached record-breaking numbers, with robust discussions and a variety of valuable student input. In response to their feedback, for the first time CSBA is also inviting student board members to share their knowledge and experience with peers and school board members from across the state. The call for student workshop and table talk proposals ends on Friday, September 15. (Are you interested in submitting but unsure of where to start? Do you need another student board member to co-present with? Please contact aec@csba.org with any questions or concerns.)

Despite growing interest, however, many students simply can’t make the trip to AEC.

The virtual Student Board Member Training program offers students the convenience of learning from the comfort of their own homes, with the option of taking the four training sessions individually or as a bundled subscription at a discount.

Additionally, there are several virtual Student Board Member Governance Q&A and Networking events that will allow students to call in, ask questions regarding governance, advocacy and student voice, share their experiences with peers and speak with CSBA training faculty members.

Learn more about this exciting new opportunity and register now!