New report highlights need for more, stable funding to upgrade school facilities amid pandemic concerns

Though the majority of districts in California are beginning the 2020–21 academic year through distance learning, campuses will eventually reopen for in-person instruction, and many students and staff are likely to return to facilities desperately in need of repair, according to a new report from […]

Revised Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum begins new rounds of public review

A revised draft of the California Department of Education’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum was presented to the Instructional Quality Commission on Aug. 13, after reviewing thousands of critical comments of the initial draft. The first draft had been criticized by advocacy groups as promoting anti-Semitism […]

Measuring and monitoring attendance the era of COVID proves a challenging task

Districts likely won’t be celebrating Attendance Awareness Month next month with the usual fanfare, but in this time of hybrid or virtual learning, where students need additional support to also make up for missed time last year, local educational agencies are acutely aware that being […]

CCEE outlines goals, emphasizing how to address the current needs of teachers

Teachers, much like everyone else involved in the public education system, are actively seeking answers on how to best deliver engaging, high-quality lessons to students through virtual learning models. And more than ever before, they are turning to the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence for […]

CSBA webinars feature broad board member perspectives on preparing for the new school year

On Aug. 4, CSBA hosted two panels of board members to discuss the real-time progress and challenges their local educational agencies are facing as they plan for the 2020–21 school year, which begins as early as this week for some. The panels grouped representatives by […]

CDE provides additional answers to questions about new Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

The 2020–21 school year’s Local Control and Accountability Plan has been replaced by the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan, as outlined in Senate Bill 98, the education funding trailer bill. The California Department of Education is holding a series of webinars to guide local educational […]

Court rules in favor of eliminating pension “spiking”

On July 30, 2020, the California Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Alameda County Deputy Sheriff’s Association v. Alameda County Employees Retirement Association that the Legislature was allowed to eliminate pension “spiking,” where employees artificially increased their earnings (and, in turn, their pension) in their last […]