70 years after Brown v. Board of Education and desegregation in California

Even though the legacy of Brown v. Board of Education lives on in many school districts across the country, certain social and legal trends now pose an even greater threat to it. As we mark the 70th anniversary, it’s important to reflect on California’s role in school desegregation and the ongoing educational opportunities it offers to many students.

President’s message: 58 COEs, 940 school districts, one united association

By CSBA President Albert Gonzalez As a longtime school board member and lifelong learner, I relish the opportunity to receive training, share my perspective and engage with colleagues on governance issues. It’s one of the reasons I became so involved with and remain a huge […]

CSBA releases budget template to help governance teams communicate school finances

By Jeremy Anderson California’s local educational agencies face an uncertain and complex financial landscape as they plan their 2024–25 budgets. Significant state, federal and local budgetary factors are converging at the same time to potentially cause major budgetary problems for many LEAs. To help address […]

Return on Investment: Making the financial case for educational technology

By CSBA Business Affiliate PowerSchool In today’s rapidly changing K-12 landscape, careful decisions about technology investments are increasingly important. While the primary goals of school districts and county offices of education will always be student growth and well-being, these outcomes are seeded by responsible spending. […]

CSBA seeks fixes to address persistent problems encountered by local charter school authorizers

By CSBA Legislative Advocate Carlos Machado Recent developments at the state and local levels have highlighted a few troubling deficiencies in current law related to the charter school authorization process. These issues exacerbate the difficulties that both school districts and county boards of education experience […]

From awareness to action: How administrators can manage school bullying

By Madeline Buitelaar Reports on the rise In recent years, districts across California have been experiencing a rise in reports of bullying and harassment among students. Today’s youth face ever-increasing avenues where they can be bullied, including the evolving social media landscape. While this may […]

Facing a crisis head on: Solutions to recruiting and retaining teachers

By Jeff Pelzel California educators have faced a significant challenge on the journey to academic growth: the persistent teacher shortage. Just as things seemed to be looking up after a seven-year increase, there was a 16 percent dip in newly issued teaching credentials, according to […]

California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office releases sobering 2024–25 budget projection

By Chris Reefe, CSBA Legislative Director On Dec. 7, the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) issued its long-awaited Fiscal Outlook for the 2024–25 fiscal year. The report offered a revised — and extremely sobering — projection of the state budget and significantly more detail […]