Californians believe schools need more funding — will they vote that way?

by Vernon M. Billy This November’s election will be unlike any we’ve seen in recent memory. Our Presidential election cycle has been, shall we say, “unique.” While California’s upcoming election isn’t nearly as interesting, we do have a whopping 17 statewide ballot measures that voters […]

A Conversation with CSBA President Chris Ungar on the Charter School Task Force

By Gayle Romasanta Staff writer for CSBA Why did you think it was important to create the Charter Schools Task Force? Chris Ungar: Several years ago the CSBA Delegate Assembly Region 1 Director Bob Berkowitz and had a conversation about charter schools. He owned radio […]

Charter Local Edition: A conversation with California School Boards Association President Chris Ungar

“Charter schools are here to stay and where CSBA is landing on that is … we need to look at what’s good for kids … what’s going to help kids achieve and what are we going to do close that achievement gap. If it’s good […]

Finding meaning in California’s constitutional guarantee of education

by Keith Bray All children can succeed, but not all children have equal opportunity to do so. A child’s background and social station continue to play an inordinate role in his or her scholastic outcomes, both in California and across the nation. Schools, given the […]