In the news: May 18-24

25 May




Push underway to increase California school funding by billions
-John Fensterwald, EdSource

Legislators and education advocates who support Brown’s funding formula are ready to set the next target: an aspirational goal of committing more than $35 billion in new K-12 dollars to the funding formula — enough to raise California’s current per-student spending of $11,149 by about $6,500. That would potentially place California among the top 10 states in the nation.

Betsy DeVos: Schools can choose to report students to ICE. Advocates: she’s wrong
-Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos told the House education committee Tuesday that it’s up to schools whether to report undocumented immigrant students to federal immigration authorities. That’s created quite a stir, and some say her view is totally inaccurate. Let’s go over some background.

Why charter school backers are spending big in California’s governor’s race
-Angela Hart, Sacramento Bee

California teacher unions are convinced that if Antonio Villaraigosa is elected governor this year, education funding for traditional public schools will erode, leaving them worse off as they compete with charter schools for enrollment. But charter schools advocates, including at least six billionaires, see it differently. They think Villaraigosa will be a champion for their cause to protect and expand charter schools across the state, creating more choice for parents and improving educational outcomes for students. And they’re putting money behind their beliefs.

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