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Survey shows California school wellness programs are bearing fruit

30 Sep
by Dr. Lynn Silver Statewide and local efforts to support healthier schools and students have blossomed from Humboldt to Imperial Counties. These efforts are bearing fruit today. California school districts are approving and implementing increasingly innovative wellness policies and practices. To gauge progress on school wellness, the California Local School Wellness Collaborative asked members of the Association of California School Administrators for information on wellness in their districts, 366 administrators replied. The survey was carried out by California Project LEAN...

Classrooms or Crime?

8 Apr
This is the second in a series of blog posts by the Council for a Strong  America highlighting creative partnerships between communities, boards and school districts. By Sheriff Adam Christianson Preventing kids from turning to a life of crime, that’s basically what it comes down to: classrooms or crime. The steps we take to address student absences and misbehavior in the K-12 years have a direct impact on whether or not that student will drop out and potentially end up...

Engage and connect: 2015 Linked Learning Alliance Policy Convening

30 Mar
by Hilary McLean, Linked Learning Linked Learning is an approach to college and career readiness that integrates rigorous academics, sequenced technical training, work-based learning and personalized student supports that is most often provided through high school career pathways. The approach continues to grow in prominence across California because of its positive impacts on student engagement, achievement and post-secondary success. Linked Learning also provides the ideal platform for cross-sector collaboration and policy development on an array of topic areas that focus...

CSBA members advocate in Sacramento; urge repeal of SB 858 reserve cap

18 Mar
by Hugh Biggar, Writer, CSBA 150 and 800. Those were key numbers for CSBA on Legislative Action Day  held on Tuesday, March 10. More than 150 members advocated for education in meetings with state representatives and more than 800 letters and resolutions called for a repeal of a reserve cap contained in SB 858. With repealing the cap CSBA’s top legislative priority in 2015, CSBA President and Moreno Valley Unified School District board member Jesús M. Holguín and CEO and...

Nutritious Breakfast to Promote Learning Readiness and Healthy Eating

2 Mar
By Jesus Mendoza, Jr., Regional Administrator of USDA Food and Nutrition Service Please join us in creating a healthier future for our children through both celebrating National School Breakfast Week and implementing or expanding the School Breakfast Program. Economic hardship, hectic mornings for families, and inadequate nutrition education make receiving a healthy breakfast difficult for many of America’s children. Utilizing innovative United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) School Breakfast Program approaches, many schools are successfully providing students the initial daily...

Healthy Kids Make Better Learners: California Schools Are Connecting Families to Health Coverage

26 Jan
by Teri Burns, Sr. Director of Policy & Programs We are less than a month away to the enrollment deadline for Covered California, our statewide health insurance marketplace, and schools across California are taking action to connect families to affordable health coverage. ALL IN For Health, a project of The Children’s Partnership, is working with education leaders to inform all eligible families about and enroll individuals in health coverage options. Schools touch the lives of millions of families every day...

May I have a glass of water?

20 Jan
by Nathaniel Browning, Policy and Programs Officer Having to ask for a glass of water at California restaurants is becoming commonplace. In light of the ongoing drought, many restaurants have adopted a policy of not automatically setting out water unless patrons request it. But consider a scenario in which you would be required to get up from the table and walk to the nearest water fountain, wait in line with all the other diners, and take sips from an unappealing...

Health Literacy: Calling for a Confluence of Effort

12 Jan
by S. Todd Stolp, Tuolumne County Health Officer In 2004 the Institute of Medicine defined health literacy as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” But today the term includes much more. In a world with an unlimited number of confusing messages complicating our efforts to make responsible personal health decisions, health literacy has become a critical part of survival. As we update...

Responding to the Drought

5 Jan
by Nathaniel Browning, Policy & Programs Officer You would have to be living under a very dry rock to not realize California is currently experiencing a fourth consecutive year of drought, the worst in recorded history and one that could last decades. School districts across the state are experiencing drying wells, providing students with bottled water instead of tap, and seeing football fields turn into dustbowls. With these issues at hand, Local Educational Agencies are in immediate need of retrofitting...

Happy To Be Here With Twenty-Five Hundred School Board Members

17 Dec
by Jill Wynns, Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education CSBA 2012 President Downtown San Francisco, my home, is filled with school board members from all over California this week. I am always so impressed by how hard school board members work to ensure that our students get the best education that they can. I share my righteous outrage that the state does not provide enough funding for schools with all of you who are here for the CSBA Annual Education...