Earth Day provides students an opportunity to advocate for climate change efforts

More than 50 years since the first Earth Day was held to raises awareness of the need to reduce pollution and protect the planet’s natural resources for future generations, students continue to take on the challenge. In Rialto Unified School District, students organized a free […]

New report highlights factors needed for strong MTSS implementation

New report highlights factors needed for strong MTSS implementation Local needs, strong leadership and relationships are all at the center of proper implementation of Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), according to a new report from the University of California, Los Angeles’ Center for the Transformation […]

Challenges remain in providing universal broadband, highlighting need for unique solutions

The pandemic spurred widespread investments in improving connectivity for students, but there is still progress to be made in ensuring families have the broadband access needed at home to fully participate in their education despite classes now overwhelmingly taking place in person, according to recent […]

Math teachers need guidance to better support and instruct youth

California is poised this year to adopt a new statewide math framework that will drive curriculum decisions and pedagogical approaches for years to come. This provides ample opportunity for education leaders to better support educators in offering standards-aligned instruction, according to a new Rand Corporation […]

Sacramento COE leaders detail plans to expand mental health access in every school

Cooperation and building understanding should be key aspects of any attempt to expand and align youth mental health supports across a county, experts said during a recent panel discussion on an innovative collective-impact approach to reimagine mental health care taking place in Sacramento schools. The […]

Elementary social studies needs an overhaul, research finds

Basic infrastructure to support K-5 social studies instruction — academic standards, accountability requirements, teacher evaluation, professional learning opportunities, guidance around materials and assessment programs — is inadequate in many states, according to new Rand Corporation research. And even where state-level infrastructure to guide teachers’ instruction […]

Local and state leaders discuss disproportionate discipline

In light of recent findings that discipline rates have increased, particularly for African American and Native American children and students with disabilities, the California Department of Education hosted a panel on March 2 focused on alternatives to discipline. State and local education leaders and advocates […]